The Sad Irony of SCO

Opinion: How might it have gone if SCO had stayed with Linux? (Linux-Watch)

Well, SCO has now shown its cards to the courts.

We, the Linux-using public, wont know for months exactly what it had to show.

But, after following SCO, Caldera, Novell, IBM, Linux, Unix and all the court cases for ages, Im sure that the evidence amounts to... nothing of any significance.

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You know what the sad thing about this whole affair has been?

If SCO has only stuck to doing Linux, it would be a winner.

It, and not Red Hat, might have been the one reporting great financial results.

It, and not SUSE, would likely have been the company that Novell picked up to jump-start its operating system business.

Sound unlikely? I dont think so.

Caldera was neck-and-neck with Red Hat there for a while, and I always thought it had a better business plan.

Remember, Red Hat only really pulled ahead when it switched gears from trying to be a consumer and business Linux retailer to its much more successful Linux subscription business.

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