There Is No Oracle Linux

Opinion: Get over it! Oracle is not going to make its own Linux or buy Red Hat, Novell or Ubuntu. Here's why. (Linux-Watch)

Repeat after me: "There is no Oracle Linux." I dont care how many times you hear stock analysts say that Oracle is about to launch its own Linux. Its just not going to happen.

The latest example of wishful thinking comes from Jefferies & Co. analyst Katherine Egbert, who wrote on October 13, "Our independent checks in the past two weeks indicate that Oracle seems to be close to introducing its own software stack."

Jefferies, an investment bank, then cut its price target on Red Hat from $24 to $21.

Red Hats stock price then fell more than 7 percent that day. Since then its been continuing to fall.

This is, by my count, the third time that the "Oracle is going to come out with its own Linux" rumor has surfaced. And, of course, there have been variations on the theme, such as: Oracle is going to buy Red Hat, Novell or Ubuntu.

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