Thin Clients & PCs: Is There Room for Both?

It is time to set the record straight and defuse the myth that in order for an organization to adopt a thin client computing environment it must do away with PCs.

The truth is that there is room for both platforms to coexist in harmony in the same organization. Depending on the company, and depending on the work function, a cooperative thin client/PC approach may make sense from a cost, service, security and productivity standpoint. There are benefits to having both up and running.

Join eWEEK.coms own senior editor will join Bill Weinberg, Open Source architecture specialist, Open Source Development Labs, and Michael Dortch, principal business analyst, Robert France Group, for a live eSeminar where they will discuss what organizations, departments and job functions are right for a thin client computing model and what are not.

During this educational event, they will touch on:

  • What are the major benefits and drawback of thin client computing
  • What departments and areas are best suited for a thinn client environment
  • And, how PCs and thin clients can coexist in the same organization to deliver maximum productivity and ROI

To help you get the most out of this eSeminar, weve put together a suggested reading list that will improve your experience and increase the value you receive. Be sure to have your question ready, as you will also have a unique opportunity to quiz our panel during the live Q&A session and receive real-time answers.

Our Education Kit will help you get up to speed with thin client news and analysis before you attend. Check out the links below, then get ready to expand your newfound knowledge.

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