Thunderbird 1.5 Goes Gold

A lack of support for contact management and calendaring makes it unsuitable for enterprise uses, but individual and small-business users will be pleased with this version of the e-mail client.

The new and improved Thunderbird e-mail client took flight Thursday.

While not as well-loved as the Mozilla Foundations Firefox Web browser, this open-source e-mail client has had more than 18 million downloads since its launch in December 2004, according to Mozilla.

Thunderbird 1.5, as we expected from our review of the December beta of the program, is an outstanding e-mail client. While it still doesnt support contact management or calendaring, thus making it unsuitable for enterprise uses, individual and small business users will be pleased with this new version.

"With a host of new and improved features, Thunderbird 1.5 provides users with a robust, free e-mail alternative," said Mozilla Vice President of Products Christopher Beard.

"Thunderbird enhances the overall e-mail experience, adding anti-phishing capabilities to help keep people safer, while also integrating and simplifying access to new technologies, such as RSS [Really Simple Syndication]," said Beard.

The improved Thunderbird offers such new features as a built-in "phishing" detector and support for listening to podcasts.

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