Ubuntu 6.10

While the eyes of the IT world have spent years squinting to see Microsofts slowly unfolding vistas, the companies and individuals that drive open source have been steadily building a case for broader adoption of Linux-based operating systems.

EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Canonicals Ubuntu 6.10 makes a great Linux desktop and can also perform well in server roles. While Version 6.10, also known as Edgy Eft, hangs on to most of the qualities that led us to give its predecessor an Analysts Choice nod, were holding off on extending that accolade to Edgy because it does not offer the same lengthened support term that Ubuntu 6.06 does. For more information, go to ubuntu.com. COST ANALYSIS: Ubuntu 6.10 is freely available. If your organization lacks in-house Debian/Ubuntu expertise, Ubuntu will have a steeper learning curve than OpenSUSE. KEY PERFORMANCE INDICATORS USABILITY EXCELLENT SECURITY GOOD HARDWARE SUPPORT GOOD SOFTWARE SUPPORT EXCELLENT MANAGEMENT GOOD