Ubuntu 7.04 Arrives with Optional Java Stack

The newest version of Ubuntu has arrived and is already proving extremely popular. And it comes with an unexpected addition: a complete Sun Microsystems Java Enterprise Edition stack. (Linux-Watch)

Who needs Vista, when Canonical, the commercial sponsor of Ubuntu, has just released the latest version of its popular Linux distribution: Ubuntu Version 7.04?

Despite concerns that this release might be delayed by last-minute fine tuning of ATI graphic card drivers and the network manager panel applet, Ubuntu 7.04 made its release date.

"In the coming months, many individuals and businesses will be making the decision to upgrade their existing computer systems and their operating systems," Jane Silber, Canonicals director of operations, said in a statement.

"With added features to both the desktop and server editions, Ubuntu 7.04 is the most user-friendly version to date and is ideally suited to anyone who wants to make the switch to Linux and join the community of Ubuntu users. In fact, with this version of Ubuntu, it is easier than ever to move away from proprietary platforms," Silber said.

At least one major computer figure, not usually associated with Linux or Ubuntu, is giving it a try. Michael Dell announced April 18 that hes using the new Ubuntu on his personal laptop.

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Mark Shuttleworth, Canonicals CEO, said, however, "You shouldnt read too much into this. Im thrilled hes using it, but I didnt know that he was going to announce it, and I cant comment on any talks we are, or are not, having with Dell about preloading Ubuntu onto Dell laptops and desktops."

Like earlier editions of Ubuntu, this new v7.04 release comes in five versions: Ubuntu Server, Ubuntu Desktop, Edubuntu, Kubuntu and Xubuntu. Along with the self-explanatory server and desktop versions, Edubuntu is meant for educational uses; Kubuntu is a desktop platform that uses KDE 3.5.6 for its desktop environment instead of Ubuntus GNOME 2.18; and Xubuntu is a desktop for lower-end PCs and uses the lightweight Xfce 4.4 desktop manager.

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