Ubuntu Founder Rails Against DCC Alliance

Mark Shuttleworth, founder of the popular Debian Linux variation Ubuntu, details his problems with the DCC Alliance. (Linux-Watch.com)

The DCC Alliance, made up of several Linux distributors attempting to add LSB (Linux Standard Base) 3.0 compatibility to Debian Linux, has not had an easy time of it.

Even before the group was formally launched, other Debian Linux distributors, like VA Linux Systems Japan, objected to LSB 3 compatibility being added by the group instead of being done within the confines of the Debian Project.

After its launch in August at LinuxWorld, the member companies—credativ GmbH (site in German), Knoppix LinEx (site in Spanish), Linspire, MEPIS LLC, Progeny Linux Systems Inc., Sun Wah Linux Ltd., UserLinux, and Xandros Inc.—faced trouble over the use of "Debian" in the groups original name: Debian Common Core Alliance.

Even the settlement of the matter, in which the group changed its name to the DCC Alliance, didnt quiet down some critics.

Now, Mark Shuttleworth, founder and sponsor of Ubuntu, the extremely popular Debian Linux variation, has spelled out his problems with the DCC Alliance in a recent Ubuntu mailing list message.

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