Ubuntus Dapper Drake Is One Impressive Linux Distro

Review: Great for home or small business users, it still needs a bit more maturity before it will be ready for enterprise offices. (Linux-Watch)

Perhaps the most widely anticipated Linux distribution of the year finally arrived on June 1: Ubuntu 6.06 LTS (Long Term Service), aka Dapper Drake.

Already number one on DistroWatchs latest seven-day download tracker, the Dapper Drake runs the GNOME 2.14 desktop environment on top of the X.org 7.0 window system and a Linux kernel.

The operating system is available for download for x86, AMD64, and PowerPC architectures. A beta version for Suns T1 UltraSPARC will also be made available as soon as T1000 and T2000 certifications are complete.

Ubuntu 6.06 downloads are in ISO files that must be burned to a CD or a DVD before you can either try it or install it. Youre given three main installation choices. The first is the "Desktop."

This gives you the options of either running Ubuntu off a bootable "live CD" or installing it permanently with an integrated graphical installer.

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