Users React to Debian 4

Users and analysts find the new release of Debian interesting, but not especially exciting.

Now that Debian 4.0, Etch, has finally arrived, what do people make of it?

Out in the blogosphere, some users like it. Over at Jeds Sandbox, this Gentoo Linux user finds that "Debian is stable, period."

Other users are also excited about a new and stable Debian. Still others, however, have found that Debian isnt as stable as theyd like.

Scott Finnie, a long-time computer journalist, but not a Linux specialist, found in his first hours of playing with the distribution that, "This one is a big improvement over the 3.1 distro and is working on my Compaq computer."

In particular, early users were excited that Debian Etch already has a version out for the ever more popular 64-bit AMD chips and that Debian finally has a graphical installer.

People who live and work with Linux were not that excited by the release. Gordon Haff, principal IT adviser for Illuminata and a close observer of all things Linux said, "Given how software rolls out in the open-source world, the significance of a release is far less than in the historical proprietary world."

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