Whats the Best Linux for Beginners?

Opinion: If all you want to do is get your work done, and not become a Linux specialist, where should you start? (DesktopLinux.com)

I recently received a letter from a computer pro whos nearing 80. Hes disgusted by "how [Microsoft] things have developed, and how most software is put out there full of errors and omissions. Help is virtually nonexistent. One really has to dig to find answers."

"So I am interested in learning more about Linux and Firefox, and what it entails to switch from MS and their assembled products. I am sick of the constant vigilance it takes to keep from being attacked and destroyed. But I need something less complicated, and requiring less diligence to keep things running. My needs are not great, but I do spend a lot of time on the computer."

Hes not the only one. There are many users, some with far less experience than he has, who are sick to death of Windows and the constant need to keep it, and third-party security software, up to date to even have a chance of having a healthy PC.

But, at the same time, many of these users arent interested in learning Linux. They just want an operating system that will let them get email, browse the Web, and run a few simple office applications.

So, heres my list of the best Linuxes for people who just want a working PC, and could care less about the differences between KDE and GNOME.

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