Whats What in Dells Linux Deals

Opinion: There's no connection between Dell's Microsoft/Novell deal and its Ubuntu patnership, but that won't stop Microsoft from FUDing about it. (Linux-Watch)

The Linux world rejoiced when Dell announced that it was going to pre-install Ubuntu Linux on some of its consumer desktops. But then the Linux world was befuddled when Dell announced that it would be buying certificates for Novell SUSE Linux from Microsoft.

Some Linux users have reacted with rage to what they see as a change in Dells direction.

One Dell customer responded to Dells announcement of the deal with the following: "By making a deal with Novell, youve destroyed the market that you opened by offering Ubuntu. Many will now view your company as collaborating with MS to shaft Linux with looming and vague threats about IP [intellectual property] even though MS probably copies more ideas and innovations developed on Linux than the other way around."

While this is an extreme position, it does bring up questions that are on the lips of many Linux users.

These include: Is there a relationship between Dell offering Ubuntu and then announcing a new Microsoft deal? Does the deal between Microsoft, Novell and Dell support Microsofts claims that Linux infringes on Microsoft patents? Another question is why is Dell buying SLES (SUSE Linux Enterprise Server) certificates from Microsoft, instead of Novell?

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