Why Linux Will Dominate the Future of Servers

Opinion: Linux, not Windows, will dominate the future of servers because it's far less expensive to run in tomorrow's virtualizated data center. (Linux-Watch)

George Weiss, Gartners open-source analyst, recently said that Microsoft Windows will not suffer irreparable damage on the server side at the hands of Linux over the next five years. Hes right. Microsoft will fall flat on its face all by itself, and Linux will pick up afterwards.

Its very simple.

What does any business want from servers today?

Go, ahead, take a look at the latest server software and hardware news, Ill wait for you.

What did you see? Well, Ill tell you.

You saw news about the latest multiple-core chips. You saw the latest thing in inexpensive blades. And, you saw endless stories about virtualization.

What do all these things have in common? Theyre all about packing the most IT firepower into the fewest possible, inexpensive servers.

Financial math makes it easy. You can pay a lot of money to run many instances of an operating system on a lot of different servers, or you can pay a lot less to run multiple operating system instances on a few of them.

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