Xandros Desktop Linux OS Ships

More than a year after the company bought Corel's Linux desktop distribution and all the licensing rights, Xandros is finally shipping the OS.

The Xandros Desktop Linux operating system is finally shipping, more than a year after the company bought Canadian software firm Corel Corp.s Linux desktop distribution and all the licensing rights.

The Xandros Desktop product is built on the Linux kernel 2.4.19, XFree86 4.2, Debian 3.0, Corel Linux 3.0 and an enhanced K Desktop Environment. According to the companys Web site (www.xandros.com), the product is priced at $99.

It builds on Corels Linux work and is designed to provide a simple, familiar product. "The original tenets of Corels design were: easy to install, easy to configure, easy to use and easy to integrate into existing network environments.

"Xandros expanded on this in creating its product that also offers easy migration for Windows users," the company says.

Included in the box is the Xandros Desktop installation CD, the Xandros technology preview CD with K Desktop Environment (KDE) 3, a 250-page manual and 30 days free installation technical support via e-mail.

The Xandros Desktop has a five-step graphical installation process and uncomplicated configuration facilities to get the system up and running. Xandros also claims it is the "first and only Linux operating system to support non-destructive NTFS (New Technology File System) partition resizing during installation."

Other features include automatic hardware detection and configuration, including some popular winmodems; auto-mounting of existing Windows and Linux drives; and hot plug-and-play USB device support.

The Xandros File Manager allows files to be dragged and dropped from any source to any destination, including shared Windows drives and FTP sites, while seamless Windows networking integration including domain-level authentication is also included.

Also included is the open-source Mozilla Web browser and the OpenOffice.org office productivity suite, while users can run Gnome applications as well as Java applications through the Web browser.