Xandros Enters Linux Business Desktop Market

Xandros is the latest Linux company to throw its hat into the business desktop ring with its Business Desktop Operating System.

NEW YORK—Business Linux desktop announcements are continuing to come fast and furious at LinuxWorld here, the latest coming from Xandros Inc. with its unveiling of the Xandros Business Desktop Operating System.

The distribution is a 2.4-based system thats built on top of Xandrosconsumer Linux desktop. Its main selling point is that it includes many enterprise interoperability features.

These include authentication against NT-style Primary Domain Controllers and Active Directory servers. It also supports NT log-on scripts, SAP and Citrix thin clients, and IBM Terminal Emulators. In addition, the new desktop includes the full commercial version of StarOffice 7 with support.

"This cross-platform compatibility allows easy integration of the Xandros Business Desktop OS into a Windows-dominated environment," said Dr. Frederick Berenstein, Xandros chairman and chief technology officer.

The Xandros Business Desktop will be available Feb. 17 directly from Xandros online. Xandros will also be selling the operating system from resellers. The recommended list price will be $129 per seat, with volume pricing available as well as discounts for existing Xandros users.

In a prepared statement, Sam Greenblatt, senior vice president and chief architect of Computer Associates International Inc.s Linux Technology Group, said, "Linux is clearly headed for the corporate desktop. By delivering a Linux desktop solution that addresses the needs of both end-users and corporate technology managers, Xandros has demonstrated a clear understanding of what it will take to make this vision a reality."