Xandros, Scalix Team on SMB Linux-Groupware Server Combo

Xandros is making a move at the Linux SMB server market by offering its forthcoming server OS with Scalix groupware baked in. (Linux-Watch)

Xandros, a leading Linux desktop vendor, will finally be coming out with its server product at LinuxWorld Toronto in the week of April 23.

One question Xandros has had to answer is: What can this small, Canadian company bring to a Linux server market thats dominated by Red Hat and Novell?

The answer is: a Debian-based server and desktop combination for SMBs (small and midsize businesses).

On April 20, Xandros strengthened this play by partnering with Scalix Corp., a major Linux and open-source e-mail and calendaring messaging company.

The companies agreed to add Scalix messaging and collaboration to the forthcoming Xandros Server, to provide an alternative to Microsoft Exchange messaging systems.

The companies claim that the integration of Scalix within Xandros Server will provide SMBs with an all-in-one groupware solution.

Groupware users will be centrally managed through the Scalix management plug-in within the remote, all-graphical Xandros Management Console.

The combined solution delivers e-mail and calendaring with support for a wide array of rich email clients, including Outlook for Windows users.

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