Xandros to Base New Freespire on Debian

Xandros says it will move the Freespire Linux distribution that it acquired from Linspire to Debian's forthcoming Lenny release.

Xandros officials say they will release a new version of Freespire that will be based on Debian's forthcoming Lenny release, expected this fall.

The decision to base Freespire on the Debian Linux distribution comes only a month after Xandros acquired Linspire, the developer of Freespire. Freespire is a free version of Linspire and was previously based on Ubuntu.

Xandros says it plans to "consolidate" its various offerings on Debian, following its acquisition of Linspire.

Following the release of a Lenny-based Freespire distribution, Xandros plans to bring out Xandros Desktop Professional 5, which will also be built on "the same open-source code base," with added proprietary bits for "enterprise customers," the company says.

Tom House, Freespire community organizer, stated, "This is really some of the most exciting news since the announcement of Freespire 1.0. This is what we were hoping to see: both the continued development of Freespire and a return to a Debian base."

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