XP Port for XO Laptop Coming

Not everyone welcomes Windows on the OLPC's budget laptop, but it's on the way anyway.  

Blog-It's not like anyone has asked for Windows XP to run on the Linux-powered One Laptop Per Child XO laptop, but Microsoft is getting ready to deliver it to us anyway.
In an eWEEK news story by Peter Galli, Orlando Ayala, senior vice president of Microsoft's Unlimited Potential Group, said Microsoft is conducting field trials to make sure that a modified XP Service Pack 2 will run well on the XO. According to Ayala, "We are encouraged by what we have seen of Windows on the XO machine so far, and field trials started at the end of January involving about 200 XO machines running a customized version of Windows XP SP2 with a reduced footprint image."
Of course, as Ayala admits, getting XP and Microsoft Office isn't easy. In an interesting slip, Ayala admitted that at least 2GB of memory is required for Windows and Office. The official minimum requirement for Microsoft Office Basic 2007 is 256MB and XP SP2's minimum daily memory requirement is also 245MB. The XO, of course, has no hard drive and only 1GB of built-in memory.

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