Yes, There Is a PJ

Opinion: Despite the rumors, Pamela "PJ" Jones of Groklaw is a real person. (Linux-Watch)

According to Forbes, SCO recently tried to subpoena Pamela "PJ" Jones, editor of the popular Groklaw legal news Web site. They were not successful.

Ive been unable to confirm with SCO that it has indeed attempted to have Jones file a deposition for one of its Linux-related lawsuits.

Since this incident was reported to have happened, Ms. Jones announced on Groklaw that she has "been sick more than once recently. I dont seem to be getting back on my feet the way Id normally expect, and so after some thought Ive decided to take a little break from doing Groklaw, just until I get my strength back."

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Since then, Groklaw has been kept updated by the sites Webmaster, Peter Roozemaal, aka MathFox. Jones, herself, has been quiet.

As a result of all this, there are once more rumors flying about that "Pamela Jones" is not a real person. Or, as SCO CEO Darl McBride once put it, Jones is a front for anti-SCO parties, such as IBM, and shes not who she says she is—a paralegal whos also a journalist.

Let me address this directly. Yes, Pamela Jones is a real person. Ive met her several times, and Ive often "talked" with her on e-mail and IM. I consider her a friend.

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