10 iPhone Apps That Will Scare the Boo Out of You This Halloween

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10 iPhone Apps That Will Scare the Boo Out of You This Halloween

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1. Camera Obscura ($0.99)

Turn your photos of friends and family into haunted memories by adding a collection of ghostly images (including 10 from Christian mythology and urban legends). The app recently added three Halloween-themed ghosts and comes with an updated tutorial showing users how to edit the evil into your photos.

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2. Crack O Lantern ($0.99)

A simple Halloween-themed game that appeals to youngsters and their parents (that's you): Drag pumpkins to the ground to crack them open or smash them on the walls for points, avoiding obstacles and weapons along the way. The game comes with 20 levels of play and three modes: Easy, Hard and Simply Impassable.

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3. Alive 4-ever ($2.99)

A grisly zombie game that allows up to four players to connect and wreck zombie mayhem across 30 levels. The game offers users 16 weapons, as well as Survival Battle and Horde Battle modes. (Blutooth functionality of OS 3.0 required)

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4. Halloween Party-in-a-Box ($1.99)

Bring your Halloween party to life with an app that includes a host of Halloween sounds such as Dracula's Organ, Ghost Whispers, Creaky Floor and others. The app also allows you to create your own sound effects playlist, so you can play the scary sounds in the order you desire.

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5. iCarve ($0.99)

For those of you out there who love the idea of carving pumpkins but hate the mess, this app allows you to carve five different pumpkins, with four different carving backgrounds, and the ability to share your creation through built-in e-mail and Facebook functions.

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6. Halloween Costume Generator ($1.99)

Choosing a costume can be a tricky process: How does one find the balance between creative and practical? This app helps you out by offering colorful descriptions and filters costume choices by occasion (work, kids party, bar hopping). The app also includes "Last minute" and "Couples" costume options.

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7. The Nightmare Before Christmas Jacks Pack ($0.99)

A must-have for "Nightmare" fans, this app comes with 20 wallpapers of characters from the beloved Halloween meets Christmas stop-motion animation film, as well as the song "This Is Halloween." Everybody make a scream!

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8. Ghost Stories from Around the World ($0.99)

A collection of true ghost stories from countries across the globe, "certified" as true. Users can select the level of scariness and pick themes, as well as send your favorites to friends without exiting the app. An upcoming version allows you to submit edits to existing stories.

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9. Treat Street ($0.99)

This virtual trick-or-treat app designed for kids allows you to shop for costumes and travel around a virtual neighborhood looking for goodies. This non-verbal, symbol-centric game also includes a selection of spooky sounds and interactive graphics.

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10. iDracula Undead Awakening ($0.99)

Avoid the clutches of vampires, werewolves and witches with this game, offering eight different weapons, four game modes and a Lite version. Atmospheric and creepy graphics add to the fun.

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