10 iPhone Apps to Kick Off 2010

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10 iPhone Apps to Kick Off 2010

by Nate Eddy

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Fitness Builder ($9.99)

The start of any new year is notoriously known as a jumping-off point for people to take better care of their bodies, which they do for about a month. Thankfully, this app offers a large database of workouts and exercise images and videos to help keep you on track. You can create your own routine, track your strength and cardio levels, as well as a complete exercise history. Other features include editable workout logs, times and ratings and the ability to share workouts with friends.

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NASA App (Free)

Rediscover your love of astronomy and boost your knowledge of the universe with the first official NASA application, which collects, customizes and delivers an extensive selection of images, videos and information from missions, countdowns and sighting opportunities.

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2Do ($5.99)

This extensive organizer promises to help you become a bit more in control of your life this year—something we can all use. The app syncs to iCal and Mail and allows you to get push notifications and e-mail alerts, along with drag-and-drop functionality for easy organization, smart calendars and password protection.

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FlightTrack ($4.99)

Manage your business and leisure travel faster and more efficiently this year with FlightTrack, which lets you check gate numbers, arrival and departure times and also includes e-mail notifications when delays occur. After this years snowed-in holiday season, spare yourself the stress in 2010 with FlightTrack.

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ColorSplash ($1.99)

Use this camera app to whet your appetite for photography in 2010—it allows you to enhance iPhone photos by converting them to black and white while letting you choose certain elements in the frame to keep their color or be given new ones. It works in portrait and landscape mode, offers four types of brushes and includes a feature that lets you share your creations on social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook.

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PocketMoney ($0.99)

This personal finance app allows you to track your expenditures and transactions across credit card, savings and checking accounts, and built-in reporting features such as overspending and cutback target areas help you better manage spending and saving. In an era where saving cash has never been more in vogue, PocketMoney compiles all your monetary data in a 21st century way.

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Scanner Pro ($4.99)

Turn your iPhone into a personal scanner with this app, which lets you scan multipage documents and e-mail them and upload them to any WebDAV-enabled server. You can also transfer scanned documents to a desktop computer via Wi-Fi, as well as make PDF files and protect sensitive documents with a password.

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Facebook (Free)

If youre one of the 12 last people on Earth who hasnt joined social networking site Facebook, maybe 2010 is your year to sign up. You can use your iPhone to start conversations with long-lost friends, check photos and updates, and post your own experiences as you go.

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Air Mouse Pro ($1.99)

Mobile Air Mouse transforms your iPhone or iPod touch into a wireless remote for your computer, allowing you to use it from anywhere in the room. The 21st century is all about ease of mobility, so use this app for leisure or for work—being a master of your (digital) universe has never been so appealing.

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Skee-Ball ($0.99)

All work and no play make Jack a dull boy, no? Start the New Year off with some retro fun (when has that ever been out of style?) with this digital version of the classic game. 3-D graphics, prizes and a nimble Nvidia PhysX graphics engine ensure a leisurely, fun-filled entry into 2010.

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