1010data Updates Big Data Application Development Platform

New functionality in QuickApps allows users to summarize and export tables and charts directly to Microsoft Excel, among other improvements.

1010data and big data

1010data announced a new version of its data access and analytics platform, which includes the next generation of QuickApps.

QuickApps enables users with little knowledge of complex programming languages to create analytic applications on top of big data.

With Version 8 of the software, users can create form-based analyses, management dashboards and analytical applications that can provide business users with the information in the form they need it.

"Many of the key challenges with big data management arise from the fact that companies are producing and capturing many new kinds of data. This new data is not always well understood, especially when compared to traditional types of data," Sandy Steier, CEO and co-founder of 1010data, told eWEEK. "As a result, companies are not adept at deriving insights from the data."

The latest version of QuickApps includes a drag-and-drop visual editor, new widgets and improved functionality to summarize and export tables and charts directly to Microsoft Excel.

The new visual editor allows users to adjust any style elements of a QuickApp, while widget nesting capability enables users to orchestrate interactions among multiple QuickApp components to control the order of operations as well as how elements are displayed.

A map widget allows users to visualize geographic datasets from within their own applications.

Enhanced data management capabilities further facilitate loading new data onto the platform and organizing it for more efficient use, the company said.

Steier said data volumes will continue to grow at a rapid pace.

"With the rise of IoT devices, cheaper storage, and a focus on being data-driven enterprises, companies are putting an increased emphasis on capturing, analyzing and using data," Steier said. "This means that it will be more important than ever to have the right big data discovery platform in place that allows companies to ensure that big data isn’t a missed opportunity."

In addition, he noted that the rapid maturation of the market means that those platforms and desktop tools that only allow users to interact with just a slice of their data will quickly fall by the wayside.

"As big as big data is now, it will only get bigger," Steier said. "The next evolution in big data involves inter-enterprise data sharing and not only using your own data, but also using data from your partners and from beyond your four walls. So data volumes will grow even further than most people expect."