3PAR Introduces Unified Management Console for Multisite Storage Replication

Designed to offer greater simplicity and visibility, 3PAR's InForm Management Console gives customers autonomic configuration of disaster recovery and the ability to administer all connected InServ arrays from one management window.

Utility storage provider 3PAR announced the availability of the newest 3PAR InForm Management Console, which aims to simplify remote replication configuration and administration, and which provides enhanced usability in administering all models of the company's InServ Storage Server. Designed to offer greater simplicity, usability and visibility, the InForm Management Console gives 3PAR Utility Storage customers autonomic configuration of disaster recovery and the ability to administer all connected InServ arrays from a single management window, including systems used for remote replication.

Integration with 3PAR Remote Copy software provides autonomic configuration of disaster recovery, which enables users to set up remote replication with InServ T-Class, InServ F-Class or a combination of 3PAR arrays from a single window. This includes the ability to configure Synchronous Long Distance replication with complete distance flexibility, using midrange as well as high-end arrays. Synchronous Long Distance replication was introduced by 3PAR to provide a multisite alternative for achieving low recovery time objectives and zero-data-loss recovery point objectives.

"3PAR is known for its leadership in simplifying storage administration," said Noemi Greyzdorf, research manager for IT analytics firm IDC. "The InForm Management Console extends this leadership by offering ease of use and advanced capabilities such as autonomic disaster recovery configuration and -three click', multi-site remote replication setup."

In addition to expediting disaster recovery configuration, the new console was also designed to deliver enhanced usability and visibility, the company said. A single screen provides a dashboard view of all connected InServ arrays as well as graphical charts and tables representing system data and remote replication configuration. The console is integrated with 3PAR applications including Thin Provisioning, Virtual Copy, Dynamic Optimization and Virtual Domains.

"Our track record of lowering storage costs and easing management are not just attractive to cloud service providers, but to large and midsize enterprises," said David Scott, 3PAR president and CEO. "The redesigned InForm Management Console is an example of how 3PAR enables customers using our utility storage arrays for both internal and external services delivery to do more with less, and to reduce storage management by up to 90 percent."

The InForm Management Console is provided at no additional charge as part of the company's InForm Operating System. The Remote Copy, Thin Provisioning, Virtual Copy, Dynamic Optimization, and Virtual Domains applications are optional 3PAR software products and are each sold separately. All products are currently available, the company noted.