A Look at Sony Ericsson's 'Green' C109, Naite Handsets

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A Look at Sony Ericsson's 'Green' C109, Naite Handsets

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Flash Mob

The C109's five-megapixel camera includes advanced features such as a Xenon flash, video recording and stabilizing, red-eye reduction, up to 16x digital zoom and face-detection technology for group photos.

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Green Is the New Black (or White)

The C109's green features include recycled plastic parts (at least 50 percent), and the handset comes with an included headset of which all plastic parts are 100 percent recycled. Also included is an electronic, in-phone manual to replace the paper version, saving more than 90 percent in paper.

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Pocket Rocket

Slim dimensions and a weight of 107 grams keeps the C109 portable, while inside users can access the Web, receive and send e-mail, Bluetooth and USB support, access YouTube, stream video and view it all from a 2.2-inch scratch-resistant color screen.

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Slim Pickins

At just 12.6 mm wide, the Naite shouldn't take up too much room in users' pockets and it comes in a choice of Vapor Silver or Ginger Red. Like the C109, the Naite includes Bluetooth and video streaming capability, as well as an eco-friendly charger.

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Walk the Green Mile

The Naite includes an Ecomate application that aids users in making "greener choices in their everyday life" and a carbon footprint calculator that tells users how much CO2 they save by walking versus driving.

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Things to Come

These two handsets are the flagship models of GreenHeart products, which the company says goes forward with the aim of setting a new benchmark in sustainability for the entire mobile phone industry. Due to the aforementioned green innovations, Sony Ericsson's overall CO?? footprint over the full life of the C901 and Naite is reduced by 15 percent.