Accenture Releases myWizard Automation Platform

The myWizard intelligent automation platform has a number of virtual agents that use machine learning to collaborate with human co-workers to manage projects.

accenture and automation

Accenture has launched an intelligent automation platform, myWizard, designed to enable smarter, more innovative and more efficient application services consisting of systems integration and application development and management.

The platform has several virtual agents that use "machine learning to collaborate with human co-workers" so they can manage projects, apply analytics to support business goals, advise on a range of judgment-based tasks and monitor many aspects of Agile development, the company said

For example, an Intelligent Data Scientist helps identify data patterns and mines program information to give IT and business users the ability to make more insight-based decisions.

Another feature is the Virtual Scrum Master, an agent that monitors numerous aspects of development projects—such as requirements, releases, metrics and resources—and then alerts project managers about potential issues. The feature also provides possible solutions.

"The business landscape is changing globally, at a rapid pace and with disruptive business models," Bhaskar Ghosh, group chief executive of Accenture Technology Services, told eWEEK. "The challenges faced due to this disruption, coupled with increased adoption of digital and technology advances, have led to changes in expectations from IT. Automation is one of the critical enablers for organizations to adapt to these changes."

Ghosh explained that with myWizard, Accenture has introduced an intelligent platform that addresses an organization’s business priorities— increased speed to market, productivity, cost-optimization and an organization’s ability to implement technology capability at scale.

"In addition, this is built on the principles of liquid architecture—which maximizes IT investments by being flexible and adaptable, today and for the future," he noted.

The new platform combines various proprietary Accenture industry assets, including intelligent and analytics tools and methods, as well as tools from across Accenture’s alliance partner ecosystem.

"Analytics and artificial intelligence are breathing new life into automation technology. Through new modes of human and machine collaboration, these technologies are doing much more than just eliminating repetitive tasks; they are supporting humans in complex and creative problem-solving by enabling analysis of dauntingly vast amounts of data and identifying trends previously impossible to detect," Ghosh said. "Intelligent automation is improving productivity, quality and speed to market. It is key to enabling people to create new solutions, drive change and disrupt the status quo. It requires simplification, often process redesign and always open innovation."

Accenture, employees have been using tools for automation to improve productivity for the past decade, he explained.

"With Accenture myWizard, we are reshaping application services by bringing together our deep business domain knowledge with intelligent automation—including the latest artificial intelligence and analytics capabilities," he said.