Acronis Access 7 Platform Aimed at Small Businesses

Access 7 allows businesses to administer mobile file access, sync and sharing, enabling employees on the road to access and edit company documents.

acronis and data management

Data protection specialist Acronis announced the launch of Access 7, which includes a data access, sync and share edition for small and midsize businesses and a separate edition for larger enterprises.

Designed to address modern business needs including mobile device proliferation, business and employee requirements to support bring-your-own-device (BYOD) initiatives, Access Advanced 7 and Access 7 are on-premise solutions offering data control and security anywhere from any device, including a smartphone, tablet, laptop, PC or Mac.

Access solutions offer alternatives to many of the file-sharing solutions on the market, leveraging all existing customer infrastructure and data with no need for migration, allowing employees to securely share data both internally and externally.

"Security is a major issue in file sharing. Protecting and securing the corporation’s data is critical," Anders Lofgren vice president of product management for mobility at Acronis, told eWEEK. "And the advent of file sharing and mobile devices opens up a number of new challenges."

Designed specifically for SMBs, Access 7 allows businesses to use and administer mobile file access, sync and sharing, enabling employees on the road to access and edit company documents without data leakage risk, share updated financial spreadsheets or presentations with their colleagues, and share content with customers, partners or prospects.

"Solutions need to be easy to install and administer–and easy for the user. It has to be turnkey and provide a very quick ROI," Lofgren said. "And security is still important, as it is for everyone in an increasingly data-driven world. Implementing a file sharing and mobile content management solution needs to follow those basic tenets–easy, complete and safe."

The Advanced solution provides Active Directory integration for user management, granular management capabilities for security policies and content control and compliance, audit log for visibility on content access, edition and share, certified encryption to meet stringent regulatory standards, and enhanced authentication to improve security.

Best suited for larger organizations with established IT departments, Access Advanced 7 can scale to any number of users and support an unlimited amount of access servers. In addition, the product integrates with a number of mobile device management (MDM) solutions.

Acronis Access 7 has a per user cost of $59.80 for 25 users, $49.90 for 50 users, and $39.95 for 100 users, while Access Advanced 7 has a fixed per user cost of $187.

In addition, the price is perpetual--one time followed by annual maintenance charge. Access 7 can also be upgraded to Access Advanced, a company release noted.

"Our work environments have already completely transformed from what it was like only a few years ago – and the evolution is just going to continue," Lofgren said. "With wearable technology now becoming more prevalent, one day people will be walking around accessing information over their watch or glasses and this will be a new area that we would need to protect and provide employees with the proper tools to use the wearables of their choice effectively."