Acronis, Kaseya Offer Upgraded Backup and Recovery Platform

Under the agreement, Kaseya customers are able to automate their backup and disaster-recovery processes in one solution.

Acronis-a backup, recovery and security solutions specialist for physical, virtual and cloud environments-and Kaseya, a provider of IT systems-management software, announced that Acronis Back Up & Recovery would be integrated into the Kaseya IT framework as part of Kaseya Backup 4.0. Kaseya currently offers the functionality of Acronis technology to their customers through an existing OEM agreement that has been ongoing for more than five years.

Under the extended agreement, which adds Acronis Back Up & Recovery products for small business and enterprise customers, Kaseya customers are able to automate their backup and disaster-recovery processes across both physical and virtual environments in one solution.

"Previously, we had no way of supporting servers with dynamic disk capabilities," stated Tom Andrulis, owner of IT firm Intelligent Technical Solutions. "However, now with Kaseya Backup 4.0, we can back up, and it's amazingly fast. We normally see systems backing up about 1GB per minute. This system backed up over 4GB a minute."

With off-site data replication supporting disaster-recovery functionality based on Acronis' Backup & Recovery, Kaseya offers its Backup module to its service provider and enterprise customers. Further, the Kaseya Backup module also protects full disk images as well as selected files to local data stores supporting customers' business-continuity programs.

"We're pleased to build on our already-strong relationship with Kaseya, the leading solution vendor in the managed-service-provider market," said Izzy Azeri, senior vice president and general manager for the Americas in Acronis' business and corporate-development division. "The Acronis and Kaseya relationship has been successful, and we are excited about furthering our partnership with this close alignment of our strategic objectives and product development."

Kaseya also offers support for Windows servers and Windows workstations as well as enhanced integration for the Kaseya dashboard and management tools. "The backup and disaster-recovery capabilities we offer with Kaseya Backup are a key reason that IT professionals use our product for their customers' business-continuity requirements," said Gerald Beaulieu, senior director of product marketing for Kaseya. "By offering a comprehensive solution from Acronis, we are able to deliver a product that minimizes the loss of production due to disaster."

Earlier this year, Kaseya announced a set of software tools that helps SMBs secure, manage and protect their networks. The tools are designed to integrate with the Kaseya framework and provide IT departments and service-provider customers with tighter security, better network management and additional data-backup options. Available through cloud or on-premises delivery, the new modules include antivirus, anti-malware, network discovery, network monitoring, online backup, and Kaseya backup.