Actelis, Broadview Partner to Extend Ethernet Deployment

Actelis' EFMplus technology, a combination of several techniques which enhance standard Ethernet in the First Mile (EFM), is embraced by Broadview Networks, a network-based business communications provider.

Actelis Networks, developer and manufacturer of Ethernet in the First Mile (EFM) over copper solutions for telecom service providers, announced that Broadview Networks, a network-based business communications provider, expanded its deployment of EFM solutions to help deliver high-speed broadband connectivity to its small and medium-size business (SMB) customers. The high-speed service is available as part of several bundles, including FrontLine MPLS, SIP Trunking, and Broadview's OfficeSuite service, or as a standalone Zoom service.
Broadview's Ethernet infrastructure delivers high-speed access to several metro areas in the Northeast, including Baltimore, Boston, New Jersey, New York, Philadelphia and Washington DC. These services provide businesses with fiber-quality speed, with symmetrical speeds ranging from three to 30 Mbps. In addition, the company's OfficeSuite hosted IP phone solution offers phones, a calling plan, more than 40 features and a Web portal for user-friendly administration.
"Actelis' EFM solutions enable Broadview to improve delivery of a variety of services, including our hosted IP phone solution, OfficeSuite, and Zoom dedicated Internet access services," said Sanjay Patel, vice president of technology at Broadview. "Actelis' EFM technology provides higher bandwidth and greater coverage, allowing Broadview to offer our valued business customers broadband solutions and applications that scale with their evolving needs."
Broadview's Zoom dedicated Internet access package provides Broadview customers an unbundled, higher-speed Internet access solution with a ready-made upgrade path when customers require more bandwidth. Only a small fraction of businesses have access to fiber-optic lines, according to Patel, but a growing number of businesses require advanced broadband services to meet the needs of their evolving operations.
The ability to deliver fiber-quality rate, reach and reliability, dubbed "The 3 R's of EFM" by Actelis, is achieved by the company's extensions to the standard EFM technology as defined by the Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers (IEEE). These extensions, embodied in Actelis' EFMplus technology, overcome traditional limitations of legacy facilities and variations between different infrastructures to deliver rates of more than 100 Mbps. Actelis claims EFMplus overcomes the problems of the traditional copper plant, such as the variable quality and reliability of individual copper pairs, as well as the effect of external interference from cross-talk, noise and other electrical and physical interruptions to the signal.
He said with the help of Actelis, Broadview is leveraging its own private network to provide scalable services aligned with their customers' needs whether they have just one location or multiple sites across the country, enables Broadview's customers to take advantage of a single, secure and reliable network. EFM-delivered services offer Broadview customers a more pragmatic and cost-effective approach to alternative access technologies, like fiber-optic lines or traditional DS3s, according to Patel.
"Actelis is very pleased to continue its longstanding partnership with Broadview Networks," said Joe Manuele, senior vice president of worldwide sales and customer support. "Actelis and Broadview share a common vision as the service provider market evolves legacy TDM T1-based infrastructures to EFM networks that can deliver greater rate, reach and reliability. As a result of this pioneering innovation, Broadview customers will benefit from the next generation of bandwidth-rich applications."