ActvContent Sync Smartband Designed for Families

The smartband offers features like digital zone and locate actively to monitor a child's location and alert parents if their children wander too far.

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Fitness device startup ActvContent announced the launch of Sync, the company’s health, safety and fitness smartband, on Indiegogo, where the firm is offering the device for $69 in an effort to raise $50,000 in funding.

The Sync is a wearable device that comes in both adult and child sizes and connects through Bluetooth with the ActvContent Sync mobile app, which is available for both Apple iOS and Google Android devices.

Aimed at families, the smartband offers features like "digital zone" and "locate actively" to monitor a child's location and alert parents if their children wander too far.

"While other products on the market only offer parts of a solution--whether it just monitors calories burned and sleeping habits or tracks the current location of a loved one--Sync combines the features of an activity tracker, location safety tracker and health tracker in an all-in-one solution," Andrew Xue, co-founder and president of ActvContent, told eWEEK. "Sync provides families with an easy-to-use product that monitors their well being and keeps everyone safe and connected."

In addition, a sleep tracker and a fitness tracker allow multiple family members to monitor their health, activity and set fitness goals together. The company is offering family sets of four Smartbands at a discount for $240 through Indiegogo as well.

The Sync's Health Keeper feature also stores guardian contact and critical health information securely accessible by caregivers, teachers and others in case of emergency.

"Our vision for Sync from the very beginning was to build a device with families in mind," Xue explained. "Not only do we want to promote family fitness, but we also want to promote family togetherness–ensuring that families stay aware of each other’s locations and that they are safe when they are in the care of others."

The locate feature tracks a person’s location up to 150 feet outdoors and 50 feet indoors, while the digital zone feature allows users to set a virtual fence through a smartphone and get alerted if someone wanders off. The company noted no data plan is required.

"We understand that kids at a young age are still trying to grasp what’s going on in the world. With such curiosity, they can wander off at any given moment, inadvertently creating moments of sheer panic for parents," Xue said. "With Digital Zone, we want kids to be kids and explore their environment, but in a safe and supervised zone, while giving parents an extra set of eyes to monitor their children’s location. It is a great tool for parents or guardians to use, especially if they are watching multiple children on playdates, at the beach or on family vacations."