AdvancedMD Debuts Data Interoperable Technologies

AdvancedExchange is a new tool aimed at connecting together all health information systems within and across AdvancedMD.

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AdvancedMD announced two platforms as part of an array of solutions to help extend the company’s core practice management and EHR software.

AdvancedBenchmarking gives independent physician practices access to enterprise-level business performance information to assess financial performance against peers using industry-standard definitions.

AdvancedExchange is a new tool aimed at connecting together all health information systems within and across AdvancedMD.

"The changes in healthcare are evident to all. ICD-10, Meaningful Use, ACOs, all manner of pay for performance models and programs, make it almost impossible for the small physician practice to be able to continue business as usual," Stephen Dart, director of software design and user experience at AdvancedMD, told eWEEK. "They have to confront the business side of medicine to be in the business of medicine today. An increasing focus for the business side of small physician practice is on the non-physician such as the office manager."

Dart explained these individuals need tools and technology that are intuitive at a level that is appropriate for them and not just for IT trained individuals that you would frequently find in a larger care setting.

"AdvancedMD saw a critical need for smaller physician practices to be able to connect to various health systems to exchange metrics and visit data," Dart said. "One of the critical use cases that is underserved in our industry is the physician to hospital relationship when the hospital doesn’t own the physician and they are on disparate systems."

Dart explained AdvancedExchange provides the kind of connectivity necessary to allow those facilities and providers to exchange care data to maximize quality of care and eliminate redundancy in that care.

"These are needed by these larger health systems as well,” he said, noting that small practice physicians often play a part either as a primary care component in a coordinated care effort or as part of a program. If connected, small practice physicians can participate with ACOs who want them to provide both services and the data necessary for reporting requirements. "This kind of connectivity is frequently out of reach for small physician practices, either cost- or technology- wise."

To further continue its support and innovation for smaller private practices, AdvancedMD recently announced AdvancedMobileDoc, an iOS app that gives access to complete practice data from the iPad and iPhone.

Also recently released is AdvancedPatient, a patient engagement platform that helps practices improve clinical efficiency and quality of care while streamlining the patient check-in process.