Aeris Launches GSP Service Platform for M2M Operators

The Aeris cloud-based data management service, AerCloud, is designed to help mobile operators grow revenue beyond connected services alone.

Machine to machine (M2M) technology specialist Aeris Communications announced the availability of GSP, a global M2M service platform for mobile network operators.

The GSP platform as a service can be deployed through multiple modular service packages and its machine-optimized service core, AerCore, allows operators to bypass typical costs of purpose-built network elements.

By tapping into big data, analytics and data sharing opportunities, the Aeris cloud-based data management service, AerCloud, allows operators to grow revenue beyond connected services alone.

"Our collaboration with Aeris is very valuable to Sprint. Their innovative technology and services are key components of Sprint’s Command Center M2M platform," Mohamad Nasser, director of M2M product, platforms and marketing at Sprint, said in a statement. "The Aeris professionals are quick to resolve any issues, and their market-leading platform ensures that Command Center remains at the forefront of M2M services capabilities."

Aeris AerSight connects operations personnel with real-time and historical network transaction details, which is designed to improve operational efficiency and lower operating expenses, while meeting the demands of M2M solution support.

"The forces shaping the M2M market demand a new approach. First generation M2M service delivery approaches are not going to make the cut," Marc Jones, CEO of Aeris Communications, said in a statement. "Aeris GSP is a proven and hardened platform, borne from more than a decade of M2M experience, and will take this industry to a new level of growth and profitability."

Rate plan structures are entrenched in business systems and processes, and Aeris AerB/OSS helps give operators the freedom of limitless charging models and rate plans without expensive customization and IT modification to existing systems. Integration with Aeris GSP service core allows development of new charging events.

The platform leverages Aeris’ carrier-grade M2M service platform that currently manages millions of devices and processes more than 200 million M2M messages per day.

In January, Multi-Tech Systems, a provider of M2Mproducts and services, announced a partnership with Aeris to provide a suite of products and services for deploying Internet-of-things (IoT) solutions globally.

Multi-Tech Systems continues to expand its global presence with a portfolio of modems, routers and gateway products. The company recently announced European-specific products, including the MultiConnect PCIe embedded PCIe mini card communication module, a communications device that offers standards-based penta-band HSPA+ 21 performance.

Aeris also announced a European expansion, becoming the first M2M service provider offering an end-to-end solution for any geo-market and any wireless technology–CDMA or GSM.

This means companies no longer have to sign contracts with different service providers across multiple regions, which the company said could minimize operational costs due to eliminating the need to manage multiple interfaces.