Akamai Unveils Open Platform Initiative

The focal point for Akamai {OPEN} is a public Web property for developers and technical personnel.

Cloud services provider Akamai introduced the Akamai Open Platform Initiative, designed to give customers and partners the ability to more easily architect for Akamai services.

For customers and partners that are looking for deeper integration into existing processes and operating environments, Akamai {OPEN} provides access to a set of Representational State Transfer (REST) style application programing interfaces (APIs) designed to ensure seamless visibility into, and greater control over their interaction with, the Akamai Intelligent Platform from any environment.

Similar access to software development kits (SDKs) and other programmatic assets is expected. The focal point for Akamai {OPEN} is a public Web property for developers and technical personnel, which will provide access to education, downloads, documentation and resources related to the platform.

"Developer experience is the single most important success factor when it comes to APIs," Jakub Nesetril, founder and CEO, Apiary, said in a statement. "We built the company to make designing great APIs easy. Partnering with Akamai on Akamai {OPEN} will significantly extend our reach with this community, and more broadly facilitate a larger ecosystem for innovation."

Akamai's Cloud Monitor provides a real-time data feed that delivers transactions and security data from the company’s Intelligent Platform to users' reporting environments for increased visibility and insight into trends and patterns. In addition to offering the capability for custom integrations, users can also leverage out‑of-the-box integration through Akamai's relationships with companies such as BMC and Sumo Logic.

"The only way to accurately measure optimal application performance in the cloud is to monitor application performance in real-time through the eyes of the actual end-users," Ali Hedayati, vice president, BMC Software, said in a statement. "BMC and Akamai have jointly developed a tightly-integrated solution that enables customers to deploy their applications in the best-in-class cloud environment provided by Akamai, and monitor and manage the performance of those applications in real-time with the industry's leading real-time, end user monitoring solution."

Through the recently introduced Property Manager capability, Akamai's Luna Control Center provides customers and partners with access to, and control of how customers use Akamai products including self-service, troubleshooting and single sign-on workflow management tools.

"Offering our customers and partners the right technology and the freedom to use it in compelling ways are at the foundation of the Akamai Open Platform Initiative," Rick McConnell, president of products and development at Akamai, said in a statement. "The ability to use the power of the Akamai Intelligent Platform enables developers to take advantage of emerging Internet opportunities and create innovative web experiences optimized for their customers."