AlgoSec Releases Update to Security Management Suite

The company's Security Management Suite provides user-friendly workflows that navigate the user through the entire migration process.

algosec and it security

AlgoSec released version 6.8 of its Security Management Suite, an integrated solution for managing complex network security policies from the business application layer to the network infrastructure.

AlgoSec’s Security Management Suite delivers holistic visibility together with unified automated security policy management across traditional and next-generation firewalls. The software manages network policies both on-premises and across provider controls such as Amazon Security Groups deployed in the public cloud.

"Migration of business applications to the cloud is now a given--and sooner rather than later," Nimmy Reichenberg vice president at AlgoSec, told eWEEK. "But security and operations teams currently lack the technology solutions, knowledge and visibility to migrate and manage them effectively in the public cloud. This is because the security controls used in public cloud are very different to the traditional firewalls used in on-premises datacenters."

Reichenberg said key challenges of managing network security in the public cloud include unifying visibility of security controls across on-premises datacenters and public cloud environments; understanding how to define and provision cloud security controls, and how to migrate applications, along with their connectivity requirements, to the public cloud.

Other key issues include ensuring compliance and assessing risk in the public cloud and processing changes to the network security policy in the cloud.

The suite provides user-friendly workflows that navigate the user through the entire migration process. It identifies which application connectivity flows need to be migrated to support business requirements, provides recommendations on how to modify them, and then automates the entire change management and migration process.

With the new version, AlgoSec delivers security policy management for Amazon Web Services (AWS) Security Groups, including change management, network visualization and traffic simulations, policy and risk analysis, auditing and compliance reporting.

"There is more data, more alarms and security events than ever before, yet every one’s suffering from a lack of staff to deal with them," Reichenberg said. "Companies are now realizing that automating security management processes is the only way to go if they want to get back time and spend it on strategic initiatives and fighting fraud instead of struggling to keep the lights on."

He also noted the modern data center is mandating a strategic, business-centric approach to security policy management.

"Security is now viewed as a business enabler, rather than inhibitor, and therefore must be managed from a business-centric perspective with business managers taking the ownership over the security of their applications," Reichenberg said.