Alloy Software Releases Navigator Express 7

Aimed at small to medium-size enterprises, Navigator includes a Web portal for technicians and support for consumables inventory such as spare parts.

alloy and help desk

Asset management and IT service specialist Alloy Software announced the release of Navigator Express 7, the latest enhancement to the company's help desk and asset management software.

Aimed at small to medium-size enterprises, the platform includes a Web portal for technicians, support for consumables inventory such as toner and spare parts, and an array of tools and features to automate help desk and IT service operations.

Navigator Express 7 also helps to streamline the process of loaning out IT equipment for temporary use.

The added reservation queue facilitates the allocation and handling of high-demand items, and through the self-service portal, users can check availability and reserve equipment.

"User friendliness is extremely important for any business software, and particularly when targeting users with varying levels of experience and skill set," Vladimir Vinogradsky of Alloy Software told eWEEK. "The learning curve is a critical factor that either makes or breaks the adoption of a software product. We realize that our primary users are busy people and they can't afford to invest too much time in learning the product. This is why we strive to make our products powerful and flexible, yet easy to learn and use."

In addition to tracking computers and equipment, Navigator Express also supports consumable materials and supplies, such as spare parts, printer ink, toner, keyboards, mouse devices, batteries, and other materials, helping to ensure the right amount of supplies are always in stock.

The new Web Portal provides browser-based access to all functions and data in Alloy Navigator Express, which enables support personnel to access their dashboard and service request information from any computer, tablet or smartphone.

In addition, as a Web-based portal, there is no need to install any software on endpoint devices. To optimize help desk resources and staffing, the Technician Availability Calendar provides a master view of all personnel and their personal days off, which helps organizations to plan and distribute tasks with greater efficiently, without compromising the daily needs of the help desk.

Other features of Navigator Express 7 include Snippets, which enables technicians to create a library of text-based tips that can be reused to troubleshoot and resolve issues and an updated quick filter box, which provides enhanced search capabilities.

As words are typed, related records in the knowledge base will be filtered dynamically, making it faster to find answers.

Password Reset allows users to more easily resolve the most common help desk issue with a single click, while an enhanced self-service portal, which has been completely redesigned, supports an array of high-resolution displays and tablet devices.

"The mobile technology gives people a great opportunity to stay connected, and not only to their family and friends but also to their work," Vinogradsky said. "Having access to help desk tickets and IT asset information helps technicians to respond to users and resolve their issues effectively no matter where they are."