Allworx Releases 48x Phone System

The Allworx 48x offers dual T1/PRI interfaces, each capable of supporting a mix of voice and data connectivity.

Phone and network systems specialist Allworx, a subsidiary of Paetec Holding, announced the addition of its 48x phone system and System 7.2 software upgrade to its current suite of IP-based phone systems for small and midsize businesses. With support for up to 250 employees per site, the 48x is the largest system to date from Allworx and is targeted toward companies in the midmarket enterprise space as well as small businesses.

The 48x offers dual T1/PRI interfaces, each capable of supporting a mix of voice and data connectivity, four conference bridges with up to 30 users per conference and up to 60 users in all conferences simultaneously, three FXO ports and five FXS ports. The solution includes full support for all Allworx VoIP phones, is rack-mountable and features an energy efficient design.

The company said IP-based phone systems such as the 48x offer advantages over traditional systems by converging voice and data over a single network. This can help enable businesses to improve network efficiency and simplify management for internal staff. Since Allworx devices are connected through routing rather than physical connections, users can move phones within a building, or also bring their phone and capabilities to any Internet-based connection when traveling.

"The 48x is the latest addition to our already robust line of communications products," said Chris Hasenauer, president of Allworx. "As our customers grow, the 48x can expand with them while keeping the same intuitive interface and simple management that Allworx users have come to expect."

The System 7.2 software upgrade offers support for the 48x phone system plus numerous other features, including 48x phone system support enhanced phone plug-n-play, which assigns a phone's owner directly from the phone, improved E911 support, so users can create multiple E911 CID numbers, a phone reboot all feature that systematically reboots all phones from the server, multisite statistics that display the amount of traffic between sites, multisite diagnostics to test multisite functionality between different sites and phone SNMP (simple network management protocol) agent support and monitoring Web server connection architecture update.

In September, Allworx and SIP Print announced that Allworx completed testing and confirmed interoperability between the complete line of Allworx IP-PBXs and SIP Print's Call Recording. The combination allows companies to record business calls with voice recording appliances and IP-based phones and PBX.