Ambistar Launches Globatext Web-Based Mobile Messaging Platform

The platform supports the transmission of five different message types, which can all be sent from one Web interface.

Ambistar Ventures announced the official launch of messaging Website, a Web-based service that is designed to help SMBs create and self-manage their own messaging campaigns. For the past six months, the Website had operated in a private invitation-only beta version. Starting this week, the site is operational and available to all businesses and organizations that wish to access the site, with monthly plans starting at $25.

The platform supports the transmission of five different message types, which can all be sent from one Web interface. Using the message control panel, business owners and managers can chose a variety of ways to get their message out to customers or prospects, including SMS text messaging, MMS picture messaging, instant messaging and email, as well as social networking posts.

Globatext representatives said that their primary target clients will be businesses such as restaurants, retail stores, real estate offices, nightclubs/bars and service-oriented companies. Globatext will also be focusing on such organizations as universities and government agencies, as well as political, social and religious groups, according to a company release.

"Many business owners who have not taken part in mobile marketing campaigns in the past haven't done so because they lack experience with this emerging medium," said Sean Wade, co-founder of Ambistar Ventures. "Many non-tech savvy business owners simply don't know how to take the first steps towards designing their own campaign. Globatext solves this problem through technology and consultancy."

Wade explained that Globatext clients will each be assigned a dedicated, local account representative who will not only help small business owners navigate the Globatext platform, but will also play a role in helping businesses build their customer lists and create effective ongoing mobile marketing campaigns.

According to recent estimates from IT analytics firm ABI Research, taken together, mobile marketing and advertising will grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 40 percent over the next five years. ABI concluded that compared to campaigns in more traditional media, mobile marketing can be relatively inexpensive. Moreover, ads can be highly targeted and naturally paired with the rich mobile content that a growing number of consumers are accessing through mobile devices.

"Globatext has opened up the vast, uncharted territory of SMB mobile marketing by providing midmarket businesses with a platform to manage their own mobile messaging campaigns," said Timothy Ngo, founder of Ambistar Ventures. "Thanks to Globatext's easy-to-use Web-based platform, SMBs can now set up and launch their own mobile messaging program within minutes."

Other features of the Globatext Platform include the ability to create and send QR codes, mobile voting, appointment reminders, Mcards and voice broadcasts. At the official launch, Ngo went on to say, "With increasing trends in mobile marketing, the demand for a low-cost, easy-to-use mass messaging solution for SMBs is clearly on the rise. With the launch of Globatext, we have directly responded to this tremendous market demand."