Android Devices Most Popular in Unregulated Industries

Android again saw wider adoption in less-regulated industries such as high tech, and jumped in energy, according to the Good Technology report.

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Businesses are mobilizing applications and content at an accelerating pace, according to the quarterly Mobility Index Report from Good Technology.

The report found Apple’s iOS platform continued to show the strength of iPhone 6 devices in the enterprise, with 72 percent of all device activations in the quarter. The Google Android market share grew to 26 percent, and Microsoft’s Windows Phone platform held steady with 1 percent of the market share in total device activations.

For the second quarter in a row, iOS significantly outpaced Android in regulated industries, such as education (83 percent), public sector (80 percent) and financial services (76 percent). Android again saw wider adoption in less-regulated industries, such as high tech (47 percent), and it jumped significantly in energy (44 percent).

In the tablet market, iOS maintained its lead with 81 percent of all activations in the quarter. After clocking in with 92 percent during the same quarter last year, iOS surrendered market share to Android and Windows, which grew to 15 percent and 4 percent of the total tablet market share, in the first quarter of this year.

Microsoft operating systems increased in certain verticals for the first time, with Windows tablets making ground in retail at 5 percent. Windows Phone grabbed market share in the entertainment and media industry, to reach 7 percent.

On the app front, almost half (47 percent) of activated apps in manufacturing were secure browsers, indicating secure access to intranets and Web apps. In the financial services sector, speed to decision is a desirable feature, as indicated by secure instant messaging (IM) representing 27 percent of all apps activated.

Insurance companies, however, are taking a more conservative route, with 34 percent of all apps activated by insurance organizations being custom built.

Overall, app activation was up 28 percent quarter-over-quarter and up 48 percent compared to the same period last year. For the full year beginning in April 2014 and ending in March 2015, total app activation rose 160 percent.

Document access and editing experienced the fastest growth, claiming growth rates of 68 percent and 51 percent quarter-over-quarter.

Overall, apps that help business with mobilizing content made up 64 percent of all apps deployed by business and professional services firms.

The quarterly Good Mobility Index Report leverages data collected from the company’s extensive customer base—it serves more than 6,200 organizations worldwide--its portfolio of apps supported through the Good Secure Cloud, as well as third-party and custom-built apps on the Good Dynamics Secure Mobility Platform.