AppDirect Acquires Enterprise Search Specialist Xendo

Through this acquisition, AppDirect will offer Xendo as a stand-alone app in the AppDirect Network for partners to sell to their business customers.

appdirect and xendo

Cloud service commerce specialist AppDirect announced the acquisition of Xendo, a provider of hosted enterprise search.

Xendo, which launched at TechCrunch Disrupt in 2014, offers cloud-based unified search across 30 different cloud and on-premises apps to allow business users to find content across the various cloud services they use every day.

The service integrates with organizations' IT security infrastructure, and Xendo's customers include Netflix, Looker and Alphabet-owned Intersection.

"We've always looked to increase our capabilities and expand our platform through both internal innovations and mergers and acquisitions," Daniel Saks, president and co-CEO of AppDirect, told eWEEK. "With regard to acquisition, we've been drawn to companies that not only have disruptive technologies that can be integrated into our platform, but that have long-term sustainable growth and also share similar visions around helping businesses find, buy, manage and use the cloud services they need."

Saks said Xendo is a natural fit to be part of the AppDirect family because the core technology allows businesses to search for and access content across all of their apps and helps them be more productive, which is in line with their vision.

"We actually started out as a Xendo customer last year because, internally, we needed a solution to help us access the content we had sitting in different data silos," he explained. "After seeing the value in Xendo and the time it saves us, we explored deeper integrations with the AppDirect platform and realized it made a lot of sense for the two companies to be literally under the same roof."

Through the acquisition, AppDirect will offer Xendo as a standalone app in the AppDirect Network for partners to sell to their business customers.

Xendo will also be integrated into the core AppDirect platform as part of upcoming cloud management initiatives designed to help businesses manage, monitor and use their cloud services more effectively with unified search capabilities.

Additionally, Xendo's core technology will provide data and intelligent search capabilities for enterprises to enhance connections between employees and business-critical information.

Xendo's team will continue to stay onboard and now has access to AppDirect's development, design and business resources to continue growing independently.

"We are also offering Xendo in our ecosystem for partners to sell Xendo to their business customers," Saks said. "AppDirect is also working closely with Julian and his team on new cloud management initiatives, which we believe will transform the way businesses work and help them be more productive."

Xendo's intelligent search will also become more predictive and prescriptive over time through machine learning techniques, a feature that will be made available through further integrations with AppDirect's platform later in the year.