ArcServe Launches UDP 7000 Backup, Recovery Appliance

Recovery options include local, remote or cloud virtual standby, bare metal recovery, granular application recovery and simple file recovery.

arcserve and backup

ArcServe launched a new data protection appliance for small- to medium-size businesses.

The Unified Data Protection (UDP) 7000 protects up to 26 TB of source data and is designed for both physical and virtual environments. The appliance also fits into a traditional software and server UDP deployment with the same feature set, and is managed from the same console, the company said.

"Data protection is critical for businesses of any size, and more importantly we believe that the focus should not be placed on backp but rather on recovery,” Mike Crest, Arcserve CEO, told eWEEK.

He also noted that ease of deployment and use is key for data protection solutions aimed at the SMB market.

"One trend we’re seeing among our partners, who often act as the IT department for their SMB customers, is that they become the data protection provider – essentially MSPs," he said. "We’ve seen a lot of success with UDP in this context, and we believe that our new appliance will be a great way to expand this business further, and provide many end users with a hardened data protection strategy."

The appliance leverages a combination of SATA, SAS and SSD drives, and features global deduplication, encryption, compression and wide- area network (WAN) optimized replication.

The company offers multiple offsite protection options, including automatic replication to UDP appliances residing in public or private clouds or secondary office sites or backing up appliance directly to tape.

Arcserve appliances can replicate to centralized appliances, including those at cloud-hosted locations where global source-based deduplication saves network traffic and enables cloud solutions.

In the future, Arcserve said it plans to provide a branded cloud environment where customers and managed service providers (MSPs) can configure virtual cloud-hosted UDP appliances to which their on-premise appliances can be replicated.

The UDP 7000 will be available to the North American SMB in March, the company said.