Aria Systems Introduces SubscriptionsPlus for PayPal

On-demand billing and subscription management solutions provider Aria Systems announces a subscription and billing solution for online payment company PayPal.

Aria Systems, a provider of on-demand billing and subscription management solutions, has announced SubscriptionsPlus for PayPal, a subscription management and recurring billing product designed for PayPal's global merchant base. SubscriptionsPlus for PayPal is aimed at giving merchants software-as-a-service-based subscription billing capabilities.
SubscriptionsPlus for PayPal was developed to address the needs of millions of small and medium-sized businesses that need to manage recurring billing for subscription-based products and services, according to Aria. Capabilities include self-service online registration and account management for merchants and their subscribers, secure payment handling using PayPal as well as credit and debit cards, real-time activation of subscription products and services, automated invoicing and subscriber notifications and collections tracking with integrated dunning processes, and automated service deactivation.
"Most companies don't understand all the pieces that are necessary to ensure end-to-end management of subscription revenue streams," said Jeffrey Kaplan, managing director of consulting service THINKstrategies and founder of the SaaS Showplace. "Aria's new program pulls these pieces together and provides businesses a cost-effective turnkey solution to address these important requirements."
PayPal has more than 84 million active accounts in 190 markets and transacts in 24 currencies around the world. PayPal processed more than $71 billion USD in payments in 2009. The company said SubscriptionsPlus for PayPal is currently in pilot and available for trial users via the company's Website.
"Aria SubscriptionsPlus for PayPal represents a major opportunity for merchants to create and automate recurring revenue streams," said Mike Morini, CEO of Aria Systems. "Traditional, complex, on-premises billing platforms were out of reach for small and medium-sized businesses, but now Aria SubscriptionsPlus offers the flexibility and simplicity that this market needs."
Earlier this year, Aria announced Platform Standard Edition, designed to address the recurring billing needs of organizations ranging from pre-revenue startup businesses up to SMBs. The updated version is designed to provide the product capabilities, services and pricing models to address the needs of the growing ranks of companies trying to create or expand their subscription revenue streams.
The solution includes subscription billing and invoicing, user registration and self-service templates, integrated tax calculation, Web services APIs, support for two simultaneous payment processors, customer support representative tools for managing customer interactions, a separate test and staging environment, a library of prebuilt reports, Web and e-mail support, and10 hours of production readiness support.