Arkeia Software Offers Free Network Backup for Ubuntu Users

Arkeia announces a free network backup solution aimed at cost-conscious businesses employing the Ubuntu open-source operating system.

Network backup solutions company Arkeia Software announced the availability of Arkeia Network Backup Version 8 in the Ubuntu 8.04 LTS repository as a free small-network package aimed at Ubuntu users.

Fully licensed Arkeia Network Backup, Enterprise Edition for Ubuntu can be downloaded from the Ubuntu 8.04 LTS repository by using the Synaptic Package Manager or with the "apt-get" command.

Arkeia Network Backup, Enterprise Edition for Ubuntu is not time-limited, and one free, perpetual license is granted per individual or company with only Web registration required. The enterprise license includes one backup server running on Ubuntu; up to 250GB of capacity for backup to disk; support of any single drive, tape or disk; and two client agents to back up different types of client machines, including Windows workstations and desktops, and a majority of Linux machines, Mac OS X and BSD computers.

The package is available now for download from Ubuntu's repository and can be accessed via the Synaptic Package Manager or by typing the "apt-get install arkeia" command. The solution features a user-friendly Web interface, and the company said source-side data deduplication will be available in early 2010. More than 150 applications and platforms are supported with specific packages.

"Ubuntu has been adopted by millions of users because of its ease of use, speed and affordability," said Dave Elliott, vice president of marketing at Arkeia. "As Canonical [a promoter of free software] and Ubuntu move into larger environments, Arkeia is proud to provide Network Backup, which is similarly fast, easy to use and affordable."

Steve George, vice president of sales and product management of corporate services at Canonical, said Arkeia's Network Backup solution is a proven network backup solution with broad platform support and a robust enterprise feature set. "With the Arkeia Network Backup Enterprise Edition for Ubuntu, Arkeia Software makes a significant commitment to the Ubuntu user community and supports Ubuntu's ongoing growth in the enterprise."

Last week, Arkeia announced the acquisition of Kadena Systems, a provider of next-generation data deduplication technologies. Arkeia will integrate Kadena's deduplication technology to deliver source-side data deduplication in Arkeia Network Backup.

"Data deduplication at the source in backup processes is gaining adoption, since it can enable greater end-to-end efficiency, such as faster backup. Network bandwidth, the bottleneck in network backup, can be significantly reduced because duplicate data does not traverse the network," said Lauren Whitehouse, a senior analyst at Enterprise Strategy Group. "According to our research, customers are more concerned with efficiency, citing cost, ease of integration, ease of use and performance as top factors for selecting data deduplication. The Arkeia-Kadena approach of offering deduplication as an integrated backup solution promises to address all of these top issues."