Array Networks Offers Application Delivery Controller

Array Networks launches the Array APV900 Application Delivery Controller, a load balancing and traffic management offering aimed at cost-conscious SMBs.

Secure application delivery company Array Networks on July 22 launched the Array APV900 Application Delivery Controller, a load balancing and traffic management offering aimed at cost-conscious businesses.

Array's ADC solution "delivers Layer 2-7 server load balancing, high availability, caching, SSL [Secure Sockets Layer] acceleration, DDoS (distributed denial of service) protection, Connection Multiplexing and compression, all included in a single, easy-to-manage appliance," the company said in a news release. According to the release:

"The APV900 directs connections past inactive or overburdened servers, re-establishes connections as conditions permit, and eliminates single point of failure with 1+1 redundant configuration. It also reduces the cost of application, web and network infrastructure while improving performance of business-critical applications and Web sites."

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The APV900 ADC is available now in three packages, each with a specific focus: "AppVelocity for application acceleration, AppVelocity-S for secure application delivery and NetVelocity for WAN link load balancing." From the release:

""Today's SMBs [small and midsize businesses] require a low-cost, high-performance, enterprise-class application delivery appliance to effectively compete in their marketplaces," said Michael Zhao, president and CEO of Array Networks. "Until now, the ADC industry has offered little more than load balancing for the SMB market. The APV900 offers a seamless upgrade that fulfills current application delivery requirements of SMBs while staying within budget constraints. In addition, the APV900 efficient architecture actually uses less resources and servers than traditional load balancers.""

In June, the company announced the release of the next generation of its APV ADCs, the 10G-bps+ APV6200 series, which is built on Array's SpeedCore architecture. The company said the 2U (3.5-inch) form factor APV6200 series offers the highest Layer 4-7 throughput per watt combined with the lowest cost per megabit of Layer 4-7 traffic processed and lowest cost per SSL transaction offloaded on the market. The company is positioning the APV6200, which consumes no more than 330 watts, as the greenest ADC product available in the 10G-bps-and-up class.

"Data center consolidation and escalating deployments of bandwidth-hungry applications are driving the need for 10G-bps application delivery products," Zhao said. "The APV6200 Series is unique in its scalability, flexibility and stability. It delivers great ROI to customers by offering the greenest, most cost-effective, high-performance, feature-rich and mature products in the 10G-bps ADC market."