Array, SentryBay Partner on Anti-Spyware for Remote Desktop Access

With EntryProtect, Array's solution can now prevent key logging and screen capture on remote devices.

Array Networks, a specialist in application, desktop and cloud service delivery, announced a partnership with SentryBay to provide SentryBay's EntryProtect anti-spyware capability for Array's DesktopDirect appliance-based remote desktop access solution. DesktopDirect enables secure access to office PCs or virtual desktops from any device and allows employees to work from any location. With EntryProtect, Array's solution can now prevent key logging and screen capture on remote devices for greater security.

EntryProtect is a multi-layer approach to spyware that is designed to provide end-to-end protection for all users. With EntryProtect running on DesktopDirect, anti-spyware is controlled and maintained by corporate IT in the network and not on end user devices, making sensitive data such as user names and passwords safe from unauthorized capture when entered into Web applications.

"We are pleased to be working with Array Networks to integrate EntryProtect anti-spyware capabilities into the DesktopDirect product line," said Dave Waterson, CEO of SentryBay. "Incidences of spyware are growing dramatically and our technology enables IT departments to rest assured that users are not inadvertently transmitting critical company information when they are working remotely."

The company said DesktopDirect remote desktop access technology is ideal for large scale deployment because it is easy to use, deploy and manage. It also inherently poses very little risk of data leakage since information accessed is only a projection on the screen. However, spyware remains a concern with remote desktop in general as users still control local keyboards and monitors. Array's partnership with SentryBay helps eliminate this risk.

"As attacks become more sophisticated, companies who deploy remote desktop technology for access have to consider new attack vectors, and capturing key strokes and screenshots are among the few vulnerabilities affecting remote desktop access," said Jeff Wilson, principal analyst of security at Infonetics Research, Inc. "Array's addition of SentryBay's technology to their remote desktop solution adds a critical new layer of protection."

EntryProtect is now included as an integral component on all DesktopDirect remote access solutions, said Array product line manager Lior Rapaport. "Adding anti-spyware capabilities to DesktopDirect provides another level of security for our leading remote desktop access solution," Rapaport said. "Building on our reputation for providing industry-leading secure access solutions, adding EntryProtect to DesktopDirect enables remote users to gain access to corporate applications with full confidence that they are not being monitored by a malicious agent."