Aruba Networks Adds Financial Services Apps to Partner Program

Aruba's WorkSpace platform adds encryption and security to the apps, protecting data at rest on the device and data in motion over the network.

Network access solutions specialist Aruba Networks announced the addition of seven new financial services apps to the company’s WorkSpace Partner Program, which join financial services app SlideShark, already certified for Aruba WorkSpace in April.

The newly added apps, AsdeqDocs, Calltrunk, Framehawk, Onvelop, PDF Expert Enterprise, WatchDox, and Webalo, expand the WorkSpace App Ecosystem, which is designed to help financial services firms more easily and securely support bring-your-own-device (BYOD) initiatives.

AsdeqDocs is an on-premise enterprise mobility content management solution that enables the synchronization of corporate documents to Android and iOS tablets and smartphones, Calltrunk, allows users to record mobile, landline and Skype recordings, and Framehawk provides a software platform that enables secure, high-performance application delivery to mobile devices.

Onvelop for Office 365 and Sharepoint provides a unified collaboration and communication suite that offers secure mobile access to enterprise server software such as Office 365, SharePoint and Lync from iOS and Android mobile devices, while PDF Expert Enterprise provides a document management system to help organizations set up a paperless workflow on mobile devices.

SlideShark enables businesses and individuals to show PowerPoint presentations from the iPad, iPhone and iPod touch with animations, fonts, graphics, hyperlinks and videos intact. With WatchDox, mobile users can access, annotate and edit their files with real Microsoft Office applications, from any device with a single, secure app, and enterprise application mobilization facilitator Webalo rounds out the Arbua app package.

WorkSpace adds encryption and security to the apps, protecting data at rest on the device and data in motion over the network. WorkSpace does not store encryption keys on the device, but instead, split-key encryption is used to ensure an application’s data can’t be maliciously accessed, even if the device is offline.

Integrating the apps with WorkSpace, the company’s mobile device management (MDM) solution lets financial services firms distribute apps to mobile devices and control how they are used based on the user’s role in the organization and context information such as time, location and motion.

"Financial services firms are looking to capitalize on the productivity benefits that the BYOD trend offers, but they have stringent security and regulatory requirements that must be addressed first," Peter Cellarius, vice president of business development and partnerships for Aruba Networks, said in a statement. "In short, they must have a solid handle on the devices and applications connecting to their network. Combining Aruba WorkSpace with these popular financial services apps allows financial services firms to deliver all the productivity benefits of BYOD to their users without compromising the security of corporate applications and data that reside on employees’ personal mobile devices."