Asigra Launches Cloud Backup Platform

The tenth version of Asigra's Cloud Backup recovery software offers protection in the office or in the field, on a variety of devices including desktops, notebooks, servers and data centers.

Asigra, a cloud backup and recovery software provider, announced the launch of Cloud Backup v10. The latest edition extends the reach and performance of the Asigra platform, including protection for laptops, desktops, servers, data centers and cloud computing environments with tiered recovery options to meet Recovery Time Objectives (RTOs). The solution is available through the Asigra partner network. Organizations can opt to deploy the software directly onsite or select an Asigra service provider for offsite backup or both. Pricing starts at $50 per month through cloud backup service providers.

V10 expands the tiers of backup and recovery (Local-Only Backup and Backup Lifecycle Manager (BLM) enabled cloud storage) and allows the backup of laptops in the field and other environments, so businesses can back up and recover their data to and from physical, virtual or mix of physical and virtual servers. Features include DS-Mobile support to backup laptops in the field, FIPS 140-2 NIST certified security and encryption of data in-flight and at-rest and new backup sets for comprehensive protection of enterprise applications, including MS Exchange, MS SharePoint, MS SQL, Windows Server Hyper-V, Oracle SBT, Sybase and Local-Only backup.

"The local backup option is a powerful benefit for managed service providers (MSPs) as they can now offer more pricing granularity for customers on three levels - local, new and aging data," said Lauren Whitehouse, senior analyst at the Enterprise Strategy Group. "With more pricing flexibility for local backup, service providers offering cloud backup can offer a faster, more reliable and affordable backup service package to attract more business customers and free them from the pain of tape backup."

According to Forrester Research, at least two-thirds of companies in North America and Europe have already implemented server virtualization. With the major server virtualization vendors embracing the cloud as the strategic deliverable of a virtualized infrastructure, Asigra also added enhancements to the virtualization support in v10. Cloud Backup v10 can be deployed as a virtual appliance within virtual infrastructures and the company has offered support for virtual machine backups at the host level. The current version now supports Hyper-V, VMware and XenServer, the company noted.
"The availability of Asigra Cloud Backup v10 has reset the playing field for Asigra with end-to-end data protection from the laptop to the data center to the public cloud," said Eran Farajun, executive vice president for Asigra. "With advanced features that differentiate Asigra both technologically and economically from comparable solutions, the platform can adapt to the changing nature of today's IT environments, providing unmatched backup efficiency and security as well as the agility to respond to dynamic business challenges."