ATandT Offers Phone System with Extended Range

The company's SB67118 phone system, aimed at cost-conscious businesses, allows users to talk up to 2,940 feet away from the base station, thanks to DECT 6.0 repeaters.

Communications giant AT&T announced the SB67118 phone system with extended range and a push-to-talk feature, aimed at small to medium-size businesses. The company claims it is the only small business phone system in the United States to feature optional Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications 6.0 repeaters that extend talk range up to 2,940 feet.

The system, which lists for $499.95, is available through distributors such as Ingram Micro, Jenne Distributors and Teledynamics, and at other retail locations, as well as from the company's Website.

Helping improve reach and flexibility to support business operations, users can add optional repeaters featuring DECT 6.0 technology to AT&T SB67118 handsets, enabling callers to roam up to 2,940 feet away from the base station. Each individual repeater (the SB67128, sold separately) extends the range of the cordless handset by approximately 980 feet and does not require a wired connection to the base-only an AC outlet for power. AT&T said the system is ideal for use in multilevel buildings, warehouses, restaurants, distribution centers, farms, manufacturing plants and other similar facilities.

As employees take calls throughout the workplace, active calls are handed off and on from base to repeaters. The SB67118 system also can pair with the AT&T TL7600 cordless headset to provide hands-free mobility.

Other features include Push-to-Talk Intercom, call transfer and three-way conferencing features. The SB67118 system also supports four lines with Automated Attendant and up to 10 DECT 6.0 cordless handsets with individual voicemail for each extension. Each extension provides individual voicemail and message-waiting indication, as well as caller ID and call waiting information on a lighted display.

The system includes one SB67108 cordless handset and provides 10-speed dial and 10 intercom number locations, last 10 numbers redial, selectable ring tones, chain dialing (numbers in separate memory locations can be linked to form a dialed number greater than 24 digits in length), auto attendant for each line, remote access with programmable options and 180 minutes of digital recording time.

AT&T Senior Vice President of Product Management Matt Ramage said businesses that simply need more lines and options for mobility don't have to pay a premium for range they don't need.

"Yet, businesses that need extended range can customize their SB67118 system with repeaters to accommodate communications throughout their facilities," he said. "Current small business systems either offer long range with fewer features or full features but limited range-the SB67118 system offers the complete package with flexibility to tailor the system to specific business settings."