Avnet Offers 'Think Software' Business Development Tools

Avnet Technology Solutions debuts Think Software business development tools for IBM business partners.

Technology distributor Avent announced the release of its Think Software business development tools through the company's Technology Solutions firm. The software is an integrated set of tools and methodologies aimed at IBM-focused value-added reseller business partners in the United States and Canada.

Through Think Software, Avnet provides partners with an analysis of IBM software opportunities, related investment requirements such as certifications, and return on investment potential in expanding their software practices. Additionally, Avnet encourages partners to leverage four Avnet Think strategies to further improve business around software-related opportunities.

Through "Think Strategy," Avnet promises to work with the partner to create a strategic business development plan mapped to the partner's specific software business goals. The company said the plan details not only the investments that will need to be made by the partner, but also pinpoints Avnet and IBM programs that can be leveraged to reach business goals. Avnet Technology Solution's vice president of software sales, Brad Wilson, said software plays a critical role in enabling partners to develop complete solutions that address their customers' business needs.

Think Skills is a Web-based tool will help partners build and manage a certification road map, which allows partners to determine the skills required to reach their software business goals, as well as IBM resources and education development programs that can be leveraged to obtain the necessary certifications. Through Think Sales, Avnet and IBM will provide partners with marketing collateral designed to assist partners generating leads. Lastly, the Think Portfolio tool is designed to assist partners in increasing annuity revenue by helping them manage renewals and upgrade opportunities within the install base.

"Avnet's new Think Software tools will help ensure our IBM partners have the necessary strategies and certifications in place to accelerate their software sales as we enter the new year," Wilson said. "We'll work hand-in-hand with our partners to help them determine the opportunities that exist in the software market and implement comprehensive strategies to capitalize on those opportunities."

Devi Gupta, vice president of end-to-end SOA integration company Prolifics, said Avnet's Think Software tools provide his company with an easy-to-use resource to manage all of the complexities of an IBM solutions practice. "It can help us quickly identify incremental areas of the software market that have strong return on investment potential, validate our strategy, and ensure we are positioned with the necessary certifications for IBM value-add partner programs," he said.