Avoka Transact 4.1 Aimed at Financial Services, Government

Transact 4.1 includes the ability to have two different versions of an engagement application, such as a credit card application, for A/B testing.

avoka and IT management

Customer experience management company Avoka offered a new functionality available with Transact 4.1, which now provides enhanced digital channel sales and service transactions combined with A/B testing and analytics to drive improvement in multi-channel customer experience and conversion for financial services and government organizations.

The company’s Transact platform helps organizations transform legacy forms into multi-channel engagement applications and enables them to create customer transaction applications simply and quickly.

Out-of-the-box Maguire 2.0 Templates do not require extensive development experience, while customer engagement application capabilities include a unified navigation experience, pop-up dialogs, in-form file attachments, responsive signatures, in-build save and resume, in-form confirmation pages and more.

In addition, new analytics capabilities allow users to more easily analyze customer behavior, including abandonment, with a view to identify and test incremental improvements to optimize conversion.

Transact 4.1 also includes the ability to have two slightly different versions of an engagement application, such as a credit card application, for A/B testing to measure the effectiveness of each.

"Financial services institutions and government departments have legacy infrastructures that make it difficult for them to create an 'Amazon-like' experience for financial products and government services within that current environment," Phil Copeland, CEO of Avoka, told eWEEK. "Add to that the widespread consumerization of technology, and there is a significant ‘customer experience gap’ between how services are delivered and how customers and users want to experience those services that has created a pressing need for customer engagement applications that drive sales and enhance the customer experience."

User-friendly applications with enhancements including prebuilt integrations with customer relationship management (CRM), electronic identity verification, social networks for profile auto-populate and a new attachment model allows users to upload supporting documentation or images where they’re needed in the application experience.

An improved scribble signature that closely mimics the look and feel of ink on paper, while task claiming improves coordination across team members.

An updated Avoka TransactField App offers enhanced Microsoft Windows 7 support, in addition to the existing Windows 8.1, iOS and Android versions, with upgraded synching and image resizing for greater reliability and speed.

"In one case, we worked with the Australian government to deploy responsive HTML5 mobile applications. For every $1 spent, $10 in benefit was returned including 80 percent reduced processing time and a 38 percent average reduction in re-work," Copeland said. "Any government agency that interacts with its constituents via a form – whether it’s a renewal, change of address, permit approval – can use Avoka to engage digitally, on any device, and provide a much quicker, more positive customer experience. You should be able to renew or apply for a new business license and get back to running your business."

Copeland noted mobile technology has also created an environment in which consumers expect results immediately and now require convenience and agility in all of their transactions.

"Customers expect to be able to start an application on their mobile device, move onto the computer to pick-up where they left off and go into an office or bank branch to complete it for a seamless multi-channel experience," he said. "Failure to provide that experience diminishes their service experience and creates a drop-off in digital sales or a credit of the new account to the final point in the application in the sales experience without acknowledgment of the ‘digital assist’ and the potential opportunity that lies within digital sales."