Axero Releases Communifire 5.0 Social Networking Platform

The platform provides a single online hub where team members can engage with each other to achieve their goals, and it includes six major updates.

axero and social networking

Axero released Communifire 5.0, its social networking platform for the enterprise.

The latest version, which includes a comprehensive series of updates designed to improve the user experience and enhance the way teams work together, integrates social networking software, collaboration tools, and knowledge sharing in a secure online environment, the company said.

The platform provides one single online hub where team members can engage with each other to achieve their goals, and includes six major updates.

"Social collaboration tools enable members of an organization to connect with each other, engage with their employer, and access information, anytime, anywhere," Tim Eisenhauer, president of Axero Solutions and creator of Communifire, told eWEEK. "By opening up the channels of communication, social collaboration tools are fundamentally changing the ways businesses operate in a number of ways."

Eisenhauer explained that everyone has the opportunity to contribute to that knowledge base and know that their contributions will be heard, and everyone can refer back to the knowledge base to make intelligent decisions.

"Social collaboration tools give everyone a voice, provide a deep pool of resources, and cultivate a stronger sense of belonging," he said.

Axero’s native mobile apps for iOS and Android help drive productivity by giving users secure, one-touch access to the social business platform via a streamlined user interface for accessing their company’s collaboration portal.

In addition, Communifire 5.0 includes a number of new tools for managing content, like the Required Reading feature, which allows an author to flag content as mandatory reading, and also tracks the users who have indicated that they have read the content and those who have not.

Users can view content that they need to read in the My Account sections, and the feature is available for articles, blogs, wikis, files, videos, and ideas.

Meanwhile, bookmarking capability enables users to bookmark their favorite or important content, and Communifire Chat provides real-time chat capability and replaces the private messaging feature.

The chat feature is integrated directly inside the Communifire platform and enables team members to initiate conversations with individuals, as well as groups. Users can drag and drop to share files, photos, and documents, and set their status. Everything is searchable.

The Communifire FileSync for Windows Desktop app enables users to sync files from their local computer to their Communifire Web application and vice versa, so that all files are organized and allowing users to work with their files from anywhere and on multiple computers.

Axero is also 508 compliant, meaning that Communifire meets the standards laid out by Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 that requires federal agencies to provide accessible technology to people with disabilities.

Beyond the six main updates, Axero made 36 minor updates as well, including the ability to convert all content to PDF; new REST API components; comment workflows; displays of unread notifications and message threads; international and user preference data support; cases due dates and milestones; content management system (CMS) page enhancements; mobile optimized pages, and Vimeo video sharing.