Axis Communications Releases Surveillance Tools

Axis offers cost-conscious businesses security tools, including surveillance cameras, which include advanced features such as audio and motion-sensing technologies.

Security and surveillance specialist Axis Communications released a variety of products, including an indoor pan/tilt/zoom camera with 29x optical zoom and H.264 video in D1 resolution. The Axis P5532 PTZ Dome Network Camera also has an IP51-rated protection against dust and dripping water. The company also released a 5-megapixel fixed network camera with HDTV 1080p performance, precise iris control for optimal image clarity and H.264 compression.
The cameras' P-Iris enables automatic and precise control of the iris position to help optimize depth of field and lens resolution for optimal image sharpness. DC-iris lenses are also supported for backward compatibility. The day and night cameras deliver 5-megapixel resolution video at 12 frames per second and also support 16:9, HDTV 1080p full-frame rate video. To help minimize bandwidth and storage needs, the cameras provide digital pan/tilt/zoom and multiview streaming, which enables several cropped view areas to be streamed simultaneously. The cameras support multiple, individually configurable video streams in H.264 and Motion JPEG.
"The indoor and outdoor Axis P1347 cameras are optimized to provide exceptional performance for demanding surveillance applications," said Erik Fr???nnlid, the company's director of product management. "An Axis P1347 camera can cover a large area due to its high resolution and can take the place of several standard cameras. With narrower viewing angles, the camera can provide extremely good detail for identification purposes and for defining distant objects. Axis P1347/-E cameras will be part of our successful Axis P13 Series and will provide all of the series' unique, easy installation features and sophisticated functionalities."
The P5532 can deliver multiple, individually configurable H.264 and Motion JPEG video streams simultaneously. H.264 helps optimize bandwidth and storage use without compromising image quality, while Motion JPEG is supported for increased flexibility. The PTZ camera provides 29x optical and 12x digital zoom with auto-focus. With the company's Auto-flip functionality, it can pan 360 degrees-beyond the mechanical stop-enabling an operator to continuously follow an object.
With Axis' Advanced Gatekeeper functionality, the camera can automatically move to a preset position to capture, for instance, a vehicle license plate or a person's face when motion is detected in a predefined area and after a set time return to the home position. When an optional multi-connector cable is used, the camera supports two-way audio and audio detection, in addition to four configurable inputs/outputs for connection to external devices such as sensors and relays. The camera's built-in SD/SDHC memory card slot enables recordings to be stored locally.
"Axis P5532 will appeal to installations that want high zoom, fast pan and tilt performance, excellent image quality and event management features at an attractive price," said Fr???nnlid. "Axis P5532 is designed for easy and reliable installation indoors. It is protected from dust and dripping water, and is powered using High Power over Ethernet."