Barracuda Networks Launches NG Firewall

Barracuda offers businesses the NG Firewall line of hardware and virtual appliances designed to protect enterprise network infrastructure, improve site-to-site connectivity and simplify administration of network operations.

Security, storage and networking solutions specialist Barracuda Networks announced the launch of the Barracuda NG Firewall.

The Barracuda NG Firewall is a line of virtual and hardware appliances designed to protect enterprise network infrastructure, improve site-to-site connectivity and simplify administration of network operations. This product launch is the first since Barracuda Networks' acquisition of phion AG, a firewall provider based in Austria, in September 2009. The NG Firewall is offered in seven hardware models ranging from small branch office to large enterprises and data centers as well as a corresponding offering of virtual appliances. U.S. prices range from $599 to $40,000

The Barracuda NG Firewall combines Web and e-mail filtering, intrusion prevention, Layer 7 application profiling and network access control into a platform that can be centrally managed, across all enterprise network locations, including remote, home and branch offices, as well as regional headquarters and data centers. Administrators can control application-level routing and prioritization of traffic across multiple links, tunnels and traffic conditions. To back up WAN connections, Barracuda NG Firewall appliances support a variety of links via most including T1/T3, DSL, ISDN, and 3G wireless mobile data standards. In the event of a WAN link loss, VPN traffic is automatically reprioritized over the remaining WAN links. Barracuda NG Firewall appliances support the traditional IPSec protocol for cross vendor compatibility.

The appliances support multiple remote access options, including a light VPN client, a fully managed VPN client and a fully integrated SSL VPN. Network access controls enforce client security policies, including operating system patch level, desktop malware protection and personal firewall configuration. An IDC Worldwide Quarterly Security Appliance Tracker last year suggested that a majority of enterprises feel it is important to consolidate existing point products such as firewall, intrusion prevention and anti-malware into a single solution.

Charles Kolodgy, IDC research director of security products, said in order to improve management, reduce costs, and consolidate security, customers have been turning to comprehensive products that integrate numerous security features into an integrated platform. "Barracuda Networks is meeting this demand with the Barracuda NG Firewall, which implements phion's proven and advanced technology," he said. "This network security product will open up new opportunities for their worldwide channel and help Barracuda Networks to penetrate and win more enterprise business."

Although primarily known in EMEA, phion has a customer base of more than 1,000 customers and more than 100,000 licensed VPN users at locations worldwide. Austria-based RHI AG, which specializes in the field of refractory products and services for customers in the steel, cement, lime, glass, nonferrous metals, environment, energy and chemicals industries, is an enterprise customer with more than 130 phion netfence appliances deployed across 84 locations worldwide. The primary product selection criteria for the company was driven by both technical and budgetary factors, including a means to decrease IT operating costs as well as to obtain secure, centralized management across the entire network.

"Within the first two months of deployment we had already realized dramatic cost savings per location as well as increased network traffic bandwidth," said Gottfried Hofreither, CIO of RHI. "In addition we have secured a solution that allows for traffic prioritization and routing in case of a connectivity loss."